Love In Action

Bring the full tithe into the storehouse,
that there may be food in my house….
— Malachi 3:10, ESV

“Love in Action” is defined as distributing to the needs of the saints.

Windows of Heaven Jesus’ Storehouse distributes exclusively to the needs of the citizens of Jesus’ domain. Love in Action is an Acts 6 model, meaning we work with local spiritual overseers, not individuals. Leaders who are full of faith, wisdom, and the Holy Spirit and who are already tending to the daily needs of the local ekklesia. (food, clothes, housing, medical, etc.)

An example of this is when the ekklesia in the Middle East was under intense persecution (martyred). We came alongside five spiritual leaders throughout the province of Egypt. Over a two-year period (WOH) Jesus’ Storehouse supplemented their care for the saints with $153,000.00. (cash, not gift in kind)

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Jesus’ Storehouse

“Love in Action” is made possible solely by the obedience of the enlisted Jesus Christ’s CEOs™.  These CEOs honor the preeminence of Jesus Christ; by bringing in a whole tithe (unbroken), from the weekly revenue of “Jesus’ Companies” to “Jesus’ Storehouse Windows of Heaven.”

Important: Love in Action is not Windows of Heaven mandate, it’s Fruit from achieving Jesus’ apostolic mission for this Storehouse of reforming business.

Love in Action is a powerful witness of Jesus Christ supplying the needs of His people
— Melad Kelada, Founder, Egypt Relief Fund